March 04, 2012 - Comps - Haines/AK
I am looking out of my window. Three big black ravens are eating from the trash on the other side of the streed. It is snowing big alaskan snowflakes. Sometimes traveling can be frustraiting. I dont like to wait inside when the sky is shaking out his best powder. Skiing has his depressing sides, but then it need`s only a litle bit of fresh snow, good weather to fly with the "bird" and then, skiing is the best thing ever! 

The season started for me in Revelstocke BC. Togheter with the whole crew of the Swatch Freeride World Tour we meet the skiers of the Freeskiing World Tour. The result was an exciting comp with a great spirit and alot of good skiing. After a litle tumble above some scary rocks i skiied thru the finish line. And endet up on 9th position on the Swatch FWT ranking. The great smile on our faces was the effect of a few powderdays. Before flying back to Europe i enjoyed my self riding Calgary`s superpipe for a day.
Back to Europe, there was not much time to recover. The Swatch FWT have taken place around the gigantic Mont Blanc massive. With a comp on the "Brevent" face just above the unique village of Chamonix and the third stage on the sunny side of the Mont Blanc in Courmayeur, we have had to manage an intense week.
In the Chamonix comp i was not able to stompe this cliff in his flat landing clean. So an uncontrolled airtime and a big "hottube" landing have been good reasons to lose points. Only 17th, this was my worts result ever! Its important to learn from fault`s, but then you have to look forward!

Four days later i stund on top of the rocky northface. On my left the Mont Blanc southface with the significant "Peuterey" ridge, under my skitips the steep competition face from Courmayeur. An incredible location and i felt strong, two minutes later i knew my run was good, i realy enjoy the skiing. So stoked to be on a spcial podium, two "swissboys" on the first three ranks. Yeha! 

Alaska is a place where skiing gets to a new dimension. I had the possibility to come over to Haines and ski the most incredible lines in steep powder. A great time togheter with Michelle Parker, James Heim, Richard Permin and the "MSP"crew will stay unforgettable.

Now i have enought from siting in front of my pc. I fly back to austria. The Swatch FWT is on again and i am ready for Fieberbrunn.

Best Regards