June 07, 2013 - Kungyang Chhish East - Pakistan Expedition 2013
At last, our expedition to Pakistan began – it really can only get better!

Four times I had to visit the Pakistani embassy in Bern to get the visa and also the license for climbing there. All this with the result that we had to reschedule our flight.

But the next bad news did not take long in coming: Hansjörg called me to inform that Matthias had cut off a part of his thumb with a circular saw! Doesn’t sound so bad for the first moment. But this is really not a good basis for a first ascent in Pakistan. Hopefully, Matthias can join us within the next days.

That’s why only Hansjörg and me are currently sitting in Islamabad – in terrible heat.

Well, our goal is to climb the unconquered “Kungyang Chhish East”, situated at the Hispar Glacier. Already four high qualified teams tried to reach the top - without success. In 2006, Steve House and Vince Andersen could advance up to 300 meters below the summit.
So, we will see what awaits us…
In any case, we are highly motivated and looking forward to the adventure “Kungyang Chhish East”!
Foralpinists there is hardly anything more exciting than to be the first on a summit. We will now fully concentrate on the expedition. A detailed report and photos will be posted on each case after our (hopefully successful) tour.
Simon Anthamatten

Wikipedia-Link for Kungyang Chhish

On the following map some impressive mountains which are visible from KARIMABAD, where we are staying at the moment:

KUNGYANG CHHISH - our goal !!

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